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2015 Hottest Trends in the Pool Care and Service

2015 Hottest Trends in the Pool Care and Service Industry

Well it's no secret, everyone is "Going Green" and the Pool Cleaning business is no exception. There have been many recent improvements and updates with the technology involved in the proper care and maintenance of a pool. Many of our customers ask questions about their pool and the current standards in pool filter and pool pump performance. We've created a resource of common questions concerning pool care and answers on how you can do your part to help the environment while keeping utility bills down.

#1 Energy Efficient Pool Pumps:

The largest cost to running a pool is the pool pump, it takes electricity and costs money to run. An older pool pump is less efficient than the newer models on the market today. I suggest looking at the Hayward Ecostar

brand of pool pumps. For an idea of how much you can save each year, view the pool pump cost calculator.

#2 LED Lighting:

This type of lighting system is bright, has a very long life span and most importantly costs up to 80% less to run than coventional lighting systems. That's great news for the environment and your wallet!

#3 Salt Water Systems:

The most popular salt water pool systems are Intellichlor® by Pentair® and AquaRite® by Hayward. Both of these systems allow for the use of less chemicals, in a simplified explanation, by breaking down salt into chlorine. Then after the water is treated the system puts the salt back together so the process can repeat. These systems boast of less eye irritation and the chemical odor associated with traditional chlorine systems.

#4 Automatic Cleaners:

My suggestion is the Navigator® (Hayward®). It is compact enough for smaller pools yet powerful enough to do the job, this allows it to easily integrate with most pools. Automatic cleaners collect debris, that has become submerged, before it can break down and stimulate the growth of algae or stain the surface finish of your pool.

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