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$200 Instant Rebate Now Available for SoCal Edison Pool Owners!


SoCal Edison customers now get a $200 instant rebate when they upgrade an existing single speed pump with a new energy efficient Variable Speed Pool Pump.

But thats not all!!

You can also receive an ADDITIONAL $100 manufacturer rebate!

BUT... you don't have to upgrade from a single speed pump to be eligible for this $100 manufacturer rebate! If you already have a Variable Speed Pump and want to upgrade, you can still get this rebate!


In order to receive your rebate, your Energy Efficient pump must be installed by a Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer, thats us!


Other Water & Power companies offer BIG savings as well!

SoCal Edison is not the only Water & Power company who offers rebates on replacing your single speed pump with an energy efficient one. See below for how much you can save!

SAVE $80-$100 A MONTH

Variable Speed Pool Pumps are incredibly energy efficient. The new motors in these pumps can help accumulate over $1000/year in energy savings. This allows the pump to pay for itself in about a year or so. The technology is derived from new electric and Hybrid cars using rare earth magnets. They also have onboard computers to regulate energy consumption, speeds and timers. So you can run your pool at slower speeds and cut energy costs drastically, putting more money in your pocket. While single speed pool pumps use 2000 watts to run, new variable speed pool pumps can use as little as 70 watts. That was not a typo, I consistently see these pumps running at the energy of a light bulb while they are in low speed.

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