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Acid Wash or Drain and Clean

An Acid wash or Drain and Clean Can give new life to a tired old plaster, that has algae stains, copper stains, calcium deposits or other discoloration.

The Process starts by draining the pool, then a mixture of muriatic pool acid, plaster bright white, and water is pored directly on to the plaster. The mixture takes a small layer of plaster off, along with some of the stains that are attached and imbedded in the plaster.This will brighten up the plaster and hopefully remove most of the stains. Result will vary from pool to pool.

Kirby's Pools offers a drain and clean or acid wash service starting at $650.

This includes all of the following:

acid wash by kirby

1) Drain the pool

We will bring and set up our pump and drain the pool to a sewer clean out or to the street if allowed by local ordinances. In some cases a drain permit my be required and can be obtained by the homeowner, or us for an extra charge.  We have a waiver we have customers sign disclosing risks of a fully drained pool and acid washing.

2) Acid Wash

We use diluted muriatic pool acid combined with a buffer to wash the pool shell surfaces. The buffer helps ensure that the acid does not remove much of the plaster. This reduces the risk of exposing gunite underneath and also helps the plaster retain more of it’s smooth texture.

3) Shovel out debris (If needed)

4) Refill the pool

If residential we will typically need the customer to call us when the water is back up to the tile line.

5) Add start-up chemicals

We add cyanuric acid /stabilizer, calcium, sodium bi-carbonate, muriatic acid, and chlorine to convert the tap water to pool water and get the water balanced. All these chemicals cost about $150.

6) Final Vacuum (If needed)

We give the pool a final vac to make sure it is clean when we are done.

Note: Results may vary! It most likely wont look 100% new again But as you can see in the above video I should in most cases make a huge change in the appearance . If you are looking for a brand new looking pool the best way to go would be a Re-Plaster, But If you pool is a good candidate for an acid wash It is a great option for a fraction of the cost.

Questions about draining or acid washing your pool?

Ready to move forward with a drain or acid wash?

Give Kirby's Pool Service a Call! 818-44KIRBY



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