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Kirby’s Pools Specializes in Reliable and Professional Weekly Pool Maintenance

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Weekly 10 Point Cleaning Process

All Inclusive Rate. All Maintenance Chemicals Included. Filter cleanings at no extra charge


No hidden charges.

No contract. Cancel any time!

All inclusive Weekly maintenance Package Includes:
Kirby’s Pools Weekly 10 Point Cleaning Process
  1. Skim leaves off surface and bottom of pool         Brush walls

  2. Brush Tile with Tile soap

  3. Vacuum

  4. Clear skimmer basket of debris

  5. Empty Pump Baskets

  6. Check Pool Chemistry for safe clear water         

  7. Add necessary sanitizing chemicals (chlorine, tabs, pool acid, etc.)

  8. Backwash Filter as needed (every 6 weeks)Inspect pool equipment for proper functionality

  9. Bonus!! Clean Filter Bi-Yearly at no extra charge!!

Meet Our Team



Kirby pictured with his wife of over 20 years! Founder and lead repair tech! 



Cannan is one of our two service managers. His job includes quality assurance and repairs. 


Our Technicians

We have 5 trained and experienced pool technicians with routes Monday through Friday. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 11.58_edited.p


Jessica is our office manager. She takes care of customer service and billing.

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