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cleaning & maintenance

Kirby’s Pools Specializes in Reliable and Professional Weekly Pool Maintenance!! 



Our Weekly maintenance Package Includes:


Weekly 10 Point Cleaning Process

All Maintenance Chemicals Included

All for One Monthly Price!!

No hidden charges or nickel and dime tactics!! 

(Price Quoted at Start of Service, typically ranges from $145-165 )

*Repair Labor and Parts are not included and are billed separately from cleaning service.

No Contract. Cancel any time!!


Kirby’s Pools Weekly 10 point Cleaning Process (Visits up to 30 minutes)   

  1. Skim leaves off surface and bottom of pool                  

  2. Brush walls

  3. Brush Tile with Tile soap                                                                    

  4. Vacuum                                                                             

  5. Clear skimmer basket of debris

  6. Empty Pump Baskets                                                                  

  7. Check Pool Chemistry for safe clear water         

  8. Add necessary sanitizing chemicals (chlorine, tabs, pool acid, etc.)

  9. Backwash Filter as needed (every 6 weeks)

  10. Inspect pool equipment for proper functionality




Filter Cleanings and Maintenance


Filters are usually cleaned two to three times per year, but that may vary depending on size.

The Pool Filter will be opened and the filter grids will be removed, rinsed off and inspected for broken frames, holes and rips etc.

Bad grids or broken parts will need to be replaced at this time. Grid are usually around $25-$55 each and will be billed to the customer if they need to be replaced. The Filter O-Rings will need to be replaced each time the filter is cleaned at a cost of $25 to insure no leaks at the filter split.

If the Filter needs to be taken apart in order to replace broken grids, manifold or other parts the customer will pay for parts and extra labor if applicable. The first hour of labor is included then $20 every ½ hour after if repairs are needed.


Salt Systems

Salt, and acid will be added as necessary. The salt generator will also be cleaned on a regular basis to insure proper functionality.


Algae control

Algaecides, Shock and Phosphate remover can be added at no extra charge as long as it does not exceed normal maintenance doses. To avoid extra charges, the pool water must be less than 5 years old, and under 2500 ppm TDS. Also the pool equipment needs to be working properly as well as running at least 8 hours per day .Heated pools promote fast algae growth as well and you may be charged extra for algae control chemicals if you choose to heat the pool above 80 degrees.

Update!!! Good News about the wind!! We’ve Upgraded!!

Kirby’s Pools has Recently made an investment to increase efficiency after a wind storm and for particularly dirty pools. We Purchased a Self-contained unit called the Hammerhead Pool Vac. This will help us Clean up more Debris and Faster after a wind storm. The added benefit of this unit is, It doesn’t use the home Owners equipment So it will cut down on the wear and tear that wind can cause to filters and pumps. We only have one unit now so we may not be able to use it on all of our pools every timer but when we can we will. At no Extra charge to our customers on Service.  We made this investment so that we could offer a better service to our customers.












Kirbys Team

Kirby's Pools has multiple pool routes and maintenance technicians. Kirby and our service manager diagnose and repair any pool or spa related issues, install pool equipment, etc. Our service manager is available all week to fix any emergency issues our clients may have, from filter cleanings to automation malfunctions.

Home owners responsibilities!! Please Note!!

Pool Water must be maintained halfway up the tile line or higher to insure the pump is not damaged from running dry.  If the water is low when we get there to service the pool we will notify the homeowner by leaving a Door Hanger.

(Kirby’s Pools Will not be Responsible for the water Level of the pool or damage caused to the equipment for low water levels).

If the water level is low on a weekly basis the pool technician may decide to install a simple garden hose timer, and the customer will be billed $25 and may keep the timer.


During windy months the skimmer may become clogged with debris, so homeowners should clear basket out in between visits so the pool can circulate properly and the pool equipment is not damaged.

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