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Energy Saving Pumps & Lights

Also Known as Variable Speed Pumps!

Kirby's Pools is a Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) of Energy saving pumps for Pools.  

I wanted to Share with my Loyal Customers the benefits of Upgrading to an energy/cost saving Variable Speed pump Now!

Most Energy company’s including DWP and SoCal Edison are giving Special Rebates Now, on select variable speed pumps that are purchased and installed by a Certified Installer. That’s Me!!

Click on the links below to view different rebate options depending on your energy company!

Variable Speed  Pool Pumps are Energy efficient and the “new hotness” of the swimming pool industry. The new motors in these pumps can help accumulate over $1000/year in energy savings. This allows the pump to pay for itself in about a year or so. The technology is derived from new electric and Hybrid cars using rare earth magnets. They also have onboard computers to regulate energy consumption, speeds and timers. So you can run your pool at slower speeds and cut energy costs drastically, putting more money in your pocket. While single speed pool pumps use 2000 watts to run, new variable speed pool pumps can use as little as 70 watts. That was not a typo, I consistently see these pumps running at the energy of a light bulb while they are in low speed.

Update 3/15/2018 All Above Rebates Including DWP $1000 Rebate, are renewed for 2018

and currently available and active. Please Feel free to give us a call or email Us for more info and schedule and install.

Update 1/25/2016 Burbank Water and Power $400 Rebate !!

Burbank Update!!

Burbank has increased the Rebate to Replace your single speed pump to a Variable Speed Pump to $400 if purchased within burbank city. Kirby's Pools inc Is partnered with a supplier in burbank and choosing us to install your VS Pump quilifies you for this rebate.

Call Kirby Now!!


Huge Update!!  1/20/2016

I have Some Great news!! DWP has Increased there Rebate To Install a Variable Speed Pump To $1000 If installed By a CAEI Installer. Kirby's Pools is a CAEI Installer  So Now is the absolute best time to Start saving money on energy and Get a huge Rebate as Well. Call Kirby Now!!


From DWP Website

Certified Pool Pump Replacement Program Link


Update 1/29/15 Burbank Pool Owners!!!

Burbank Water and Power Is now Doubling There Rebate From $200 to $400 Only Until February 29, 2015. If you Purchase The Pump in Burbank, Kirby's Pools Is authorized For this and Can Purchase and Install These Pumps For you and Qualify you For the $400 Rebate. So Now is a terrific Time To install a Variable Speed Pump, Don't Wait!!  More info BWP Rebate info:   PDF Rebate Application

Why A Variable Pump Helps Save Money

A variable speed pool pump works in a smart and energy-saving way. Depending upon the pool’s size and volume, the pump keeps varying its speeds on its own; a single speed pump, on the other hand constantly keeps running at a single speed level. Through the effective use of permanent magnetic motors, variable speed pumps run on less energy and can cut energy costs by as much as 90 percent!

Variable speed pumps work at the least-needed energy for each swimming pool task including heating, cleaning and circulation. In contrast, a pump with single speed will use the same energy for each task. When the speed of the pool pump is at its lowest required level for each task, the electricity costs will automatically be cut. Also, it is easier and cheaper to maintain a variable speed pump and it lasts much longer.

There are many reasons not to wait till your current pump stops working to replace it with a variable speed pump now. The Main Reason being that it will immediately cut your energy costs greatly, also the energy companies are giving rebates now and we do not know when this will stop. They are also designed to comply with a 10 year useful life guideline set by the energy companies, so this means they will last a long time. A few more things are they are very quiet, and easy to maintain and clean baskets and have safety’s that will shut the pump down if it runs dry. 


Cost Installed:

My Cost to install one of these pumps is $1350 to $1650 depending on Pump includes Tax, Labor and Programing. Comes with a 3 year warranty.  Before Rebate. {You must purchase the pump through me directly.}

* Price applies to most situations, but the could change if there are additional requirements for installation to communicate with existing equipment. For a free evaluation contact me right away so I Can schedule a time. Kirby 818-445-4729

If your interested in saving money!
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         Hayward Energy solutions Calculator

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Variable Speed Pool Pump Notes

MY qualifying pump of choice is the Hayward EcoStar! It is supremely quiet by design with easy controls that are user-friendly. Bulkhead unions allow for easy removal if needed for any reason. Programming via the on-board keypad has a clear and intuitive format. Say goodbye to noise pollution coming from your backyard equipment pad. It is a pleasant relief to know that during 80% of its operation, the EcoStar is nearly undetectable! The basic philosophy of energy savings is to slow the water down over an extended time. With friction reduced, you get much more water polish for the buck. In the past, a variable speed pool pump rebate of $100-$500 would be unthinkable, as we have lived in an energy-rich climate. But times have changed, and so has our technology. This advance is the new norm. With slower water, filter grids last longer and water clarity is enhanced as smaller particles are easily captured. Now you can design your system flow to fit your unique needs - auto cleaner, water features, solar, circulation, saline - and save on your monthly electrical bill too!

Note: I can also install any other brand you chose including Pentair Intelliflo. Prices vary.


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