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Policies and Recommendations


Swimming Pool Water Levels

Home owners are Responsible for Water level.  Proper water levels of your pool and spa should be

maintained half way up the skimmer mouth at all times. We can not be held responsible for any

damage due to failure to maintain proper water levels. your Pool can lose around 2 inches or more

per week from evaporation, and more from swimmer splash etc. It is very important to maintain

proper water levels. Our Service Techs will not add water to the pool.  Faucet timers and automatic

fillers can be purchased.

Trash cans

Please have a trash can near by the pool in order for us to dispose of leaves and debris, It is very

difficult to clean a pool with out it and we may have to put it in the nearest bush! :)

Solar or Bubble Pool Covers

Solar or bubble pool covers are requested to be removed by the homeowner prior to service and replaced after. It is recommended to leave covers off for 24 hours each week to allow for fumes to escape after chemicals are added  and to insure the longevity of the pool cover.  We can make arrangements to accommodate special requests  to remove or replace  the cover when we come to service the pool, But this Is an extra charge in most cases, and is outside normal service. We can refuse to service the pool if the pool cover is on and we can opt to leave it off when we leave if we deem the chemistry is off in the pool. The cleaning and chemistry of the pool is our first priority, and no credits or refunds will be issued for any reason regarding the cover.

Remember: Using a Pool cover Does Warm water but also promotes Algae Growth and makes the Pool Dirtier.


Safety Covers

Safety covers like nets and fences will only be removed enough to service the pool and put back by our service technician. It is Recommended to remove cover prior to service and be replaced after. We will do our best to work with you with these covers but Kirby’s Pools or Kevin Fleming will take no responsibility for there proper functionality. It is Recommended to Double check to make sure they are in proper working order and secured properly by the homeowner.

Equipment Times

Swimming pool equipment should run for the proper amount of time to effectively clean the water. The entire body of water must be filtered a minimum of once every 24 hours. To achieve this, the number of gallons circulated per minute, will determine the length of time to filter the water and run the equipment. Generally 8 hours per day. Variable speed Pumps will run for around 12 to 14 hours at slower speeds.


Weather Policies

Changing weather can be a real problem for pools and can be very annoying as well. We understand this, and will do the best we can when the weather does not cooperate.



If it is raining when we come to service the pool , our Service Technician will add chemicals if needed, Clean out baskets and Net debris if possible, but a full cleaning service will not be performed that week.  A tiny sprinkle? No Problem, but Rain Showers or lightning make it very difficult to do a proper job on the pool. We will return the the next scheduled service day and clean the pool as normal.  Credits or refunds due to rain, can not be given and we will not have the opportunity to return to make it up that week.



Understandably, Wind can be very challenging, but after a wind storm, we use a big net as well as a leaf vacuum and remove as much debris as we can, when the pool has been dirtied by strong winds. We will do the very best we can, but be patient, it may take a few weeks to get the pool looking good again. We will spend as much time as the schedule allows after a wind event depending on your service tier. We can make arrangement to service the pool twice a week for an extra charge during the windy season if you would like, just let Us know in advance, and we can make arrangements.  Note: During Strong Winds at the time of service, It is very difficult to clean the pool properly, So our pool cleaners will clear baskets check chemicals and net service if possible. They may not spend much time because debris just blows right back in.   We recommend homeowners clear out baskets during and after wind events a few times per day to insure proper water flow to the pump. We will not be returning until next weeks visit, and no credits will be given.

Update!!! Good News about the wind!! We’ve Upgraded!!

Kirby’s Pools has Recently made an investment to Help things go better after a wind storm. We Purchased a Self contained unit called the Hammerhead Pool Vac. This will help us Clean up more Debris and Faster after a wind storm. The added benefit of this unit is, It doesn’t use the home Owners equipment So it will cut down on the wear and tear that wind can cause to filters and pumps. We only have one unit now so we may not be able to use it on all of our pools but when we can we will. At no Extra charge to our customers on Service.  We made this investment so that we could offer a better service to our customers.



We sympathize with all customers effected by the ash and debris from fires. When fires occur most of our customers are dealing with extremely dirty pools and potentially damaging amounts of debris, and under the circumstances we will try our best to get to everyone as soon as we can. If ash is excessive and an emergency service is requested, all extra work necessary will be billed by the hourly rate for emergency services. This is first come first serve, we will try to fit each emergency service in our schedule as best as we can. Please note that to get the pool in good shape again, it may take a few weeks of service. 


Holiday Policy

Holidays observed; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Independence day, and up to one week personal vacation. No credits will be given for these missed days. Please let Us know in advance if you would like us to make special arrangements to clean the pool the week of a holiday, We will be happy to put it in the schedule if at all possible. 


Pool Service Days/Schedule

Pool Service cleaning days are scheduled by our management and determined by many factors, including map location, service technician, frequency, available access and proximity to current customers on existing route. The Service Day will mostly stay static on the same day, each week, but unforeseen issues can arise and the service day may change without notice. If the normal pool service day is missed (besides rain or holiday), our service cleaners are advised to go the next day. If you believe the pool was missed please give us a call within 24 hours and we will send

someone out as soon as possible. (No Credits will be given if the office is not notified within 24 hours)

Thursdays and Fridays

We get many requests to service pools on Thursdays and Fridays because it is closer to the weekend. As you could imagine it is not possible for us service each customer who requests cleaning on these days. We do our best to accommodate the requests when a spot is available and it fits on our route schedule.
If a spot is available and the property is out of our service area, or we need to bump another customer, to make it possible to service your pool on the requested day, we will charge an additional 10% to 20% premium per month.

Kirby’s Pools Inc. is always Growing, and to provide the best possible service to its customers Kirby will need help. So, there will be other trained service technicians cleaning your pool other than Kirby himself.

Kirby is very particular who he hires, they must excel in proper pool service procedures and will be trained by Kirby until he believes they will provide the best quality pool care. The Pool cleaners will be rotated from time to time and you may not have the same person each week. Don’t worry, Kirby and management will keep an eye out and make sure your pool is well taken care of. If you have any concerns, please call the office immediately and we will remedy any problems promptly


 We typically Send out Billing on the first day of the month. We ask our customers to pay within 15 days of receipt. This is so that we can purchase chemicals in bulk in order to  keep costs as low as possible and pass that savings on to our costumers.  Payment is not late if payed by the last day of the month for that current months service or by the due date stated on bill if different . If payment is not received by the due date, a 10% late fee may be added to your next bill and a possible suspension of service.

We have many options for Payments. We Accept Check, PayPal and most major credit cards.

You will also have the option to use auto pay. This can be manually set up by you through your invoice link. You can cancel autopay yourself anytime or you can request for us to do so. 


We only offer credits, no cash or check refund. We can only offer credits for services ONLY if credit is warranted by management. 

Service Customers: Questions about billing? Please call our office 818-235-9789



Please Pay Invoice Within 15 days of Receipt.

A $10 or 10% Late Fee may be added to Invoices after 30 days

Service Can be Stopped immediately if  any invoice is not payed by 60 day


Late Payments

Kirby’s Pool Service reserves the rights to charge fees for late payment. After the due date of the 15th of every month, a late fee of $10.00 can be applied or 10 % of the overdue invoice, which ever is higher, may be charged on the next billing cycle.



Cancellations can be made at anytime for any reason by both parties, either in writing or by phone. We do not have a contract locking you in, So If you need to stop service, you can cancel for any reason with no penalties. You are responsible to pay any unpaid balance.

Kirby’s Pools Can Stop Service at any time with no notice for any reason. A courtesy email or call will be made at the termination of service. before the next service day.


Rate increases: 

To keep up with cost of living increases and rising costs of chemicals, etc., there may be a 3% to 5%  increase on all service charges yearly. Other Rate increases may occur for Services Labor or products with no notice. 

Weather Policies
Holiday Policy
Pool Covers and Equipment
Pool Service Days/Schedule

Questions about our policies? Leave us a question here!

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