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Prices List:

Estimates Free

Full Weekly Cleaning Service $100-$145 Monthly Depending on Size,Debris,Equipment etc. ($100 average Pool)

Bi Weekly Cleaning $180 to $225 

Chemicals Only $65-$75

Clean once a Month (Weekly Chemicals) $80-$100

Repairs $75 per hour Plus Parts

Diagnosis $75 (will be credited towards your labor charge If you decide to do the repair)

Acid wash $350-$650

Plaster Start up $350-$450

Diagnosis $75

One Time Cleaning $45-$75

Wind or Rain Clean-Up $75-$150

Extra Cleaning (Service Customers Only) $25

Wind or Rain Clean-Up (Service Customers Only) $25-$75

Filter Cleaning Non Service Customers $75-$100

Filter Cleaning (Service Customers) Free-$45  

Minor Repair (Service Customers only) $25-$55 Plus Parts

Filter Grids $25-$45 each

Pump & Skimmer Baskets $15-$55


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