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Pool Service And Maintence

Outline and Policies 

Thank you for choosing KIRBY’S POOLS for your weekly pool care.

This is an outline of full weekly pool service/chemical maintenance and possible charges for your reference. Some items are subject to change.  All pools are different and depending on your unique circumstances, your service may differ from those that are stated. Kirby’s Goal is to keep your swimming pool as clean, clear, and as algae free as possible. “I treat every pool as if it was my own and my family was swimming in it”. I have over 15 years of experience in pool care. So Trust that Kirby’s Pools will do the job honestly and professionally, for years to come!



Full Service

Is an All inclusive Weekly Cleaning and Chemical service.

It also includes Filter Cleanings . All for one Monthly Price!!





Weekly Visits up to 30 minutes                                                           

Skim leaves off surface and bottom of pool                                                   

Brush walls and tile                                                                                        

Vacuum as needed                                                                                        

Clear skimmer and pump baskets                                                                  

Check Pool Chemistry and add necessary sanitizing Chemicals.                               

Backwash Filter as needed (every 6 weeks)

Inspect pool equipment for proper functionality


Maintenance Chemicals

Muriatic Pool Acid, Liquid Chlorine and Chlorinating Tablets are included in the price for Full Service.

Salt Systems □

Salt, and acid will be added as necessary. The salt generator will also be cleaned on a regular basis to insure proper functionality.


Algae control

Algaecides, Shock and Phosphate remover can be added at no extra charge as long as it does not exceed normal maintenance doses. To avoid extra charges, the pool water must be less than 5 years old, and under 2500ppm TDS. Also the pool equipment needs to be working properly as well as running at least 8 hours per day .Heated pools promote fast algae growth as well and you may be charged extra for algae control chemicals if you choose to heat the pool above 80 degrees.


Filter cleanings and maintenance

 Filters are usually cleaned twice a year, but that may vary depending on size. The Pool Filter will be opened and the filter grids will be rinsed off and inspected for broken frames, holes and rips. Bad grids or broken parts will need to be replaced at this time. If the cost of parts is over $50 the homeowner will be contacted to get an OK.


If the Filter needs to be taken apart in order to replace broken grids, manifold or other parts the customer will pay for parts and extra labor. The first hour of labor is included then $20 every ½ hour after if repairs are needed.


Home owners responsibilities

Pool Water must be maintained halfway up the tile line to insure the pump is not damaged from running dry. If the water is low when we get there to service the pool we will notify the homeowner by leaving a Door hanger. (Kirby's Pools Will not be Responcible for the water Level of the pool). 


During windy months the skimmer may become clogged with debris, so homeowners should clear basket out in between visits so the pool can circulate properly and the pool equipment is not damaged.




Weather and Holiday Policy


Changing weather can be a real problem for pools and can be very annoying as well. I understand this, and will do the best I can when the weather does not cooperate.     

Rain policy

 If it is raining when I come to service the pool that week, I will add chemicals if needed, but no cleaning service will be performed that week. A tiny sprinkle? No Problem, but Rain and showers make it very difficult to do a proper job on the pool.  Credits or refunds for rain, can NOT be given and we will NOT have the opportunity to return to make it up that week..

Wind policy

Wind can be challenging, I use a big net and remove as much debris as I can ,when the pool has been dirtied by strong winds, but be patient, it may take a few weeks to get the pool looking good again. I will spend up to 45 minutes Max per visit after wind events.. We can make arrangement to service the pool twice a week for an extra charge during the windy season if you would like, just let me know in advance, and we can make arrangements.  

Holiday policy

Holidays observed, Christmas , Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Independence day, and up to one week personal vacation. No credits will be given for these missed days. Please let me know in advance if you would like me to make special arrangements to clean the pool the week of a holiday, I will be happy to put it in my schedule. 



  • $75.00 per hour then $35 each ½ hour after

All repairs will be preformed by me or a licensed pool technician. Some repairs and/or installations may differ in price depending on nature of job. Many repairs can be done at the time of service and may cost less. Other repairs can depend on curtain circumstances so consider my hourly rate stated, only as a general idea. Keeping the equipment properly maintained Is very important so that the Pool owner does not incur un-necessary repair costs. For example :Fixing leaks will insure your pool pump does not over heat and break down prematurely.


Repairs and Product replacements Pre authorization

Unless otherwise agreed upon Kirby’s Pools may replace or repair any broken basket, cleaner hose, or broken parts etc., if the cost does not exceed $50. The cost of the part or repair will be added to the next bill. If a repair or part replacement costs exceed the amount agreed upon we will get a customer’s OK over the phone first before we proceed. The customer can decide to raise or lower this at any time.


Kirby’s Pools is expanding, and in order to provide the best possible service to its customers Kirby will need help. So there may be other trained service technicians cleaning your pool other than Kirby himself. Kirby is very picky who he hires, they must exceed in proper pool service procedures and will be trained by Kirby until he believes they will provide the same quality pool care. Don’t worry, Kirby will keep an eye out and make sure your pool is well taken care of. If you have any concerns please call Kirby immediately and He will remedy any problem promptly.


Ala Carte Pricing

The Ala Carte pricing option is for those who would like to pay for each service and product individually as they use them instead of an all-inclusive monthly price. For example: Instead of paying $10 each month (discounted for full service) up front for filter service, they would pay $75 each time the filter was cleaned, or the homeowner would like to clean the filter them self to save on costs.


Ala Carte Priceng

Weekly Pool Service base price starts at $85 Per Month

Liquid chemicals $10 per month

Tablets $120 per 50 pound bucket or $1.50 per tablet

Filter Cleanings $75 Each Time

Conditioner $5. Per pound



Payment is due the last day of the month for that current months service or by the due date stated on bill if different . If payment is not received by the due date, a 10% late fee will be added to your next bill.  I appreciate prompt payment on all invoices. I rely on this income as my only source, and must pay for supplies, fuel, and my own personal responsibilities. Your prompt payment is very much appreciated. To keep up with cost of living increases and rising cost there may be a 3% to 5%  increase on all service charges yearly.

Thanks again for choosing KIRBY’S POOLS for all your pool needs!

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