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Whats a Skimmer Float Valve and Why Does a Pool Need it?

Also Know as a Mushroom Diverter, Skimmer Regulator, Float valve and Low Water Shutoff or Float.

This Super important Little Device does not seem to be understood buy many homeowners, and in my 20 years of pool experience I don't believe most pool guys even know what the do or how they work. Evidenced by the fact that many times I walk in to a new customers pool ,they are missing or taken out and not Installed in the skimmer.

What it does... It does a few things in fact. Probably the most important thing this skimmer float valve does is regulate how much circulation gets split between the main drain and skimmer. Why is this important? The main drain should circulate Around 75% to 80% of the pool water the skimmer is only capable of circulating the top 25% of water. If you don't have this device your pool is only getting Partially filtered and It can cause algae, cloudy water and chemistry problems.

So What Else Does It Do? Good Question, and the answercould potentially save you a lot of money down the road. It Also Works as a safety device for your pump. If the water gets low in the Pool The Float inside will fall down and shut of the skimmer and only pull water from the drain. This will help prevent the pump from sucking air and overheating, melting pipes and burning up the pump. So this thing can potentially save you $100's to $1000's of bucks.

Inside Skimmer without

Inside Skimmer with

So In Conclusion Please Don't Remove the Skimmer float valve. If you don't have one, Get one. They cost about $40 to $50 and well worth the investment. Also ...If you have a pool guy who doesn't know what is does or says its not important, Get rid of that guy. and Call Kirby's Pools!! Shameless Plug.. 818-445-4729

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