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Santa Anna Winds

The Santa Anna winds are expected to hit our area this week!

The L.A. area should expect critical wind conditions from late tonight through early Saturday morning, as 55-70 mph Santa Ana wind gusts, temperatures in the upper 80s and relative humidity levels of 3-10% create dangerous fire conditions.

With the danger of potential fires, we would like to give our customers one less thing to stress about.

If the pool is not looking great, please know the pool technicians will be doing the most they can for each of our customers.

During the windy season, we can spend a maximum of 1 hour for basic service regarding the length of time our pool tech spends netting and vacuuming out all leaves.

Understandably, wind can be very challenging, but after a wind storm, we use a big net as well as a leaf vacuum and remove as much debris as we can, when strong winds have dirtied the pool. We will do the very best we can, but be patient, it may take a few weeks to get the pool looking great again.

If you would like an additional visit due to heavy debris, please let us know. There is a charge ranging between $35-$55 for this service.

If we notice that our pool tech is having to spend more than an hour clearing your pool we may suggest trimming your trees surrounding the pool back. If not we will need to begin a temporary extended service or twice a week service to maintain your pool adequately.

Note: During Strong Winds at the time of service, It is very difficult to clean the pool properly, so our pool technicians will clear baskets, check chemicals, and net service if possible. They may not spend much time because debris just blows right back in. We recommend homeowners clear out baskets during and after wind events a few times per day to insure proper water flow to the pump. We will not be returning until next weeks visit, and no credits will be given, but a second visit can be added for an additional charge.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. And we hope everyone stays safe during this season!

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