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Chlorine Tablet Shortage! Don't let this spoil your summertime fun in the swimming pool.

The worst chlorine shortage the country has ever seen is set to rock this summer’s pool season. The chlorine shortage is widespread and it will likely worsen. Kirby's Pools is offering an alternative that will leave your pool unaffected by this shortage!

A combination of factors has led to the scarcity of chlorine tablets, including an unprecedented surge in demand last year and a chemical plant fire, which destroyed some manufacturing capacity.

Chlorine tablets are used to maintain chlorine levels in pools in addition to liquid chlorine added almost weekly. Without these tablets, liquid chlorine will need to be added more frequently in order to keep the pools adequately sanitized. For those who are more irritated by the strong chlorine smell and feel, this may not be the best alternative, or the cheapest in the long run.

An alternative to the need of chlorine tablets and excessive liquid chlorine use would be switching over to a salt pool!

Due to this decreased supply of chlorine tablets, Kirby's Pools is offering a deal on converting your chlorine pool to a salt generated system that eliminates the need for chlorine tablets. If you switch to a salt generator for your pool Kirbys Pools will include the salt needed for the salt pool conversion, thats over a $150 value, for FREE!

Fill out our contact form now for a quote for a salt water conversion: CONTACT NOW

For more benefits to converting to a salt system, please visit see a previous blog we released: Should you switch to a salt water pool?



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