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Install an SGS Breeze Salt Generator with Kirby's Pools Service!

Install an SGS Breeze with Kirby's Pools Now and Receive 10 FREE Bags of Salt! That is a $150 Value!

Offer only valid beginning 5/21/18 ending 6/21/18!***

Call Kirby Now! (818) 44KIRBY

When converting a pool to a salt water pool or when simply replacing a salt cell, Kirby's Pools always recommends the SGS Breeze Chlorinator!

The SGS Breeze is designed with the consumer in mind with its simplicity of operation, dependability and increased longevity! The SGS Salt Generator also has a great 5 year warranty.

No more dry, irritated skin, red burning eyes or heavy chlorine smells due to by-products of typical chlorine sanitizing methods!

Technological advancements in salt water chlorinators have yielded equipment that is low maintenance and reasonably priced – eliminating the need to buy, add or store chlorine.

The SGS Breeze produces a steady flow of chlorine, stopping algae buildup and lengthening the life of the pool!

With the Breeze Series salt chlorine generator, your pool will be continually “shocked” by a much milder and safer type of free chlorine that will result in water that feels soft and luxurious!

The SGS Breeze comes with a digital salinity Indicator, self cleaning, boost mode, and a flow sensor!

Upgrade your chlorinated pool to a salt system with the best Salt Generator on the market! the SGS Breeze!

The SGS Chlorinators offers three innovative products for swimming pool chlorination:

Breeze 320 suitable for 20,000 gallons

Breeze 540 suitable for 40,000 gallons

Breeze 760 suitable for 60,000 gallons

Call Kirby's Pools to install your SGS Breeze!

(818) 44KIRBY

Why switch to a salt water pool from a chlorinated pool?

It is common knowledge that the main advantage of a saltwater pool isn’t that it doesn’t use chlorine. However, a saltwater pool does in fact use chlorine to keep the water clean! The actual advantage is that chlorine doesn't actually have to be added to the pool, that means no pre-packaged chlorine and less irritation for people who are sensitive to the added chemicals!

Saltwater tends to be much softer than chlorinated water, so it’s much more pleasurable to swim in, and is much less harsh on your skin. In addition, a saltwater pool usually has a much lower concentration of chlorine than a chlorinated pool.

Another important benefit of saltwater pools is more of a long-term one. In the short term, converting from chlorine to a saltwater pool will involve some cash outlay, since there are a few system components you’ll need to by. However, in about 2 or 3 years the salt generator pays itself off due to not having to buy extra chlorine for the pool. A pool owners expenses will be limited to bags of salt, which is much less expensive!

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