When's the last time your pool water was changed?

It’s cooling down a bit here in southern California, and most would say that we are finally near the end of our drought. The past few years, home owners have been forced to ration their water usage. But now that restrictions are gone, homeowners can finally get back to normal water usage... for the most part anyway!

With the drought, we have noticed many pool-owners have understandably put off replacing their old pool water. However, now is a great time to finally do so. Water restrictions are lifted, and with it cooling down, your water costs will be less this time of year! Also, pool draining at this time of year is best to prevent unnecessary sun, heat, or moisture damage to the pool surfaces and filtration systems!

This is a great time of year to drain and refill your pool with new water! Don't wait till Spring! The heat will bring algae!