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Low Water in Pool Can Cause Major Damage to your Pump!!! And why can't the pool guy just add wat

We are are all very busy . Adding water to the pool is something that gets over looked quit often. But It can cause major damage to your pump when it runs dry. Repair charges Range from hundreds to a thousand or more if you need to replace the whole pump, because it over heated and melted the plumbing, burned the seals and ultimately fried the motor. The Proper water level to keep the pool at is about an inch above half way up the skimmer mouth.

The pool can loose 2 inches of water per week from evaporation, possibly more in the summer hot months. If you swim it can loose even more. If you have kids the splashing alone can lower the water 2 more inches.

We get asked quit a bit. Why cant the pool guy just add water when he is there each week? The answer is easy but there is more than one reason. 1. Pool Service is usually 30 mins each week, If the pool guys turns the water on full blast it will only increase the water level 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. Remember the pool loses 2 inched per week so It would take 1 to 2 hours to add enough water from what evaporated. 2. Water running in the pool causes turbulence and this makes all the debris float around the pool ,this makes it very difficult for the pool guy to vacuum the bottom and/or clean the debris. 3. We Are Human and will forget !! That's right I said it!! The pool guys will inevitably forget to turn it off. I have been servicing pools for 20 years and every pool guy I have ever met has left the water on at some point and over filled the pool. So why be on the %100 loosing end that battle.

Our solution is simple. WE Put an inexpensive hose timer cost $15 to $30 on the hose and let her rip. We use these orbit mechanical timers on our customers pools. They don't need battery's and will run for up to 2 hours. When the pool is low the pool guy or home owner can just turn it on and leave. If desired, a more programmable digital timer is fine too , Just make sure the batterys are good and set it to run for about 10 to 15 min per day depending on how much sun and swimming the pool gets.

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