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SoCal Gas $300 Rebate for Pool Heater Upgrade!

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I wanted to share with my loyal customers the benefits of upgrading to an energy and cost saving pool heater now! By replacing your old pool heater with an energy efficient unit you will not only save money on your monthly energy costs, but you can also receive a rebate of $300 or $750!

SoCalGas offers rebates at $300 or $750 on qualified new natural gas pool heaters, installed by a certified professional, that’s Kirby!

Whichever energy efficient pool heater is installed all depends on your specific pool, you can find a list of qualifying pool heaters here.

Qualified heaters have a thermal efficiency from 84% to 98%.

Heater efficiency is the ratio of usable output to energy input. For example, an 80%-efficient heater uses $80 worth of useful heat for every $100 worth of fuel. Therefore, it wastes 20% of the fuel.

For more information determining the efficiency of a gas pool heater click here.

If you're still determining which type of heater you feel would best fit your needs, installing a gas pool heater will cost on average about 50% less to operate than electric heat pump heaters! Unlike heat pump and solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters can maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather or climate.

If you're interested in saving money

Call, Text, or Email Today!

Kirby's Pools


Cost of Installation

Prices vary, depending on the heater size. Contact us for more information!

My qualifying pool heater of choice is the JXi260 Pool Heater, this heater is eligible for a $300 rebate. With an 84% thermal efficiency rating and it’s low-NOx design, this heater surpasses strict DOE energy-efficiency requirements.

Offers up to 20 percent additional energy savings, and while most heaters only offer only a one-year warranty, the JXi260 has a two-year warranty (only if installed by a professional installer, which Kirby is!).

For more information on SoCalGas's Residential Natural Gas Pool Heater Rebate, click here.

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