Conditioner Level and the Condition of Your Pool...

Many pool owners struggle with maintaining chlorine levels in their pools especially in our warm climate. Adding conditioner is one way to prevent the sun from burning off your chlorine.

Balancing the conditioner levels in your pool is very important. As with all your pool chemicals, if the conditioner level is not within a certain range, you will have problems in your pool. We wanted to take a look at conditioner and why you should properly balance the levels in your pool.

We've quoted an article by Nick Rancis on the website discussing high amounts of swimming pool conditioner, also known as stabilizer or cyanuric acid.

Cyanuric acid, as it’s name suggests, is an acid. Albeit a weak acid, it is commonly sold as white crystalline powder, which is able to dissolve in water and has little overall effect on a pool’s pH. It is commonly referred to as a chlorine stabilizer or conditioner, forming a weak and temporary bond with chlorine. This means it will chemically hold onto free chlorine in the water and protect it from the sun’s UV rays until the chlorine is consumed for oxidation or disinfection of material in the pool.

The primary benefit of cyanuric acid in pools